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Forget about spending upwards of £15,000 for a hair transplant. We offer affordable, all-inclusive packages that are wallet-friendly.

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    Why Turkey Is The Hair Transplant Capital.

    Stop spending money on snake oil hair loss solutions and forget about spending upwards of £25,000 for a sub-par London ‘hair-mill’ clinic. We guarantee you’ll spend a fraction of that for exceptional service and the best surgeons in our city.


    Our hair transplant Turkey procedures are conducted in Istanbul or Antalya, at world-class facilities by some of the most experienced and qualified surgeons. Our notice availability is as short as two weeks. With excellent prices and high-class surgeons- you can be reassured that you are in safe hands with Revival Health Group.

    Hair transplant candidates choose Turkey over any other destinations because it is simply . Situated between Europe and Asia, there are from around the world. 

    Why A Hair Transplant?

    The Benefits You Can Expect.

    Fix Your Hairline

    Get rid of those dye jobs, the chemical drops, and whatever else you see cluttering your social media feed. This is a real, proven method that will last a lifetime. You know those quick answers haven’t cut it. Go for what you know will finally give you what you’ve wanted for years: a full head of beautiful hair.

    Restore Your Hair

    Men come to us because they want a permanent solution to hair loss. With one procedure — relocating active follicles to affected areas of your scalp — you’ll have a life-changing difference. It’s eye-catching. It’s appearance-shaping. And it’s your hair, forever.


    Renewed Confidence

    Hair transplants give you day in and day out confidence, from the pool to the office to the gym. You’re not reaching for a hat before a date, or worried about taunts from a co-worker. You’re not checking out the mirror for hair loss. You are just living your best life — the life you deserve.


    Improve Dating Options

    Sure, you’ve done well in life without full hair coverage. But then just think what a full head of hair could do for you. The dating scene opens up, and suddenly you’re getting new attention.


    Look Young Again

    There’s no fountain of youth, but hair loss can make you feel like you’re aging faster than others. Hair transplants solve this. You’re back in your prime and feeling like you can compete with anyone.

    Save Money

    Stop spending money on snake oil hair loss solutions and forget about spending upwards of £25,000 for a sub-par London ‘hair-mill’ clinic. We guarantee you’ll spend a fraction of that for exceptional service and the best surgeons in our city.

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    "I am very happy with the result and thanks to all the team"
    Here you can see the results of a 3500 Graft Hair Transplant using the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique.

    — Sven, Denmark

    "I am happy with the result and I look much younger."
    Here you can see effective results of a DHI Hair Transplant.

    — Ayran, Turkey
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      Abadir from London talks about his hair transplant.

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