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5 Reasons Why Hair Transplants Are Unsuccessful

5 Reasons Why Hair Transplants Are Unsuccessful

    5 Reasons Why Hair Transplants Are Unsuccessful

    Hair transplants in general are an effective procedure with a success rate of 99%.  Unfortunately, there are some cases where a hair transplant is unsuccessful and the patient is not happy with the results. In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at why hair transplants fail and what are the main causes and preventative techniques to be aware of. Before booking your hair transplant with a clinic, it is important that you make sure the clinic is registered and only works with top-quality surgeons and hospitals. Don’t be tempted by rock-bottom prices because usually, it means inexperienced surgeons and questionable practices. 

    Unskilled or Inexperienced Surgeons

    The phrase practice makes perfect applies to many concepts and ideas in life and hair transplantation is no different. Having a surgeon who is fully qualified, knowledgeable, and well experienced performing your hair transplant is going to make a huge difference compared to an amateur surgeon. The main mistake that inexperienced surgeons run into is overharvesting. In addition, experienced surgeons will have operated on a variety of hair types such as afro-Caribbean, female and used a variety of hair transplant methods from FUE to DHI.

    Unskilled surgeons may lack the experience to determine if a hair transplant is going wrong and how to fix it. In addition, they may also leave unnecessary scarring on the scalp. At Revival Health Group, we only use experienced surgeons and work with award-winning hospitals so you can be reassured that your hair transplant will be of high quality.

    Patient Suitability Failure

    Not everybody is suitable for a hair transplant, especially people with bad donor hair quality or those who are very near bald. People who have pre-existing medical conditions may also not be suitable for a hair transplant, and thus may not get the results they are seeking. Here at Revival Health Group, we offer patients a free hair transplant consultation and treatment plan from the surgeon to determine how many hair grafts you’ll need and if a hair transplant is the best solution for your hair loss issues.

    Improper Graft Handling

    A rookie mistake that inexperienced surgeons fall prey to is the mishandling of grafts. Simply speaking, extracted hair grafts must be handled with care.  If a hair graft is positioned incorrectly, the root will not be able to thrive. In addition to this, it may cause the hair follicle to dry out and not grow as the patient wishes. This is again why we recommend only choosing clinics that use best practices and work with experienced surgeons. 

    Dishonest Hair Transplant Clinics

    Due to the growing popularity and demand for hair transplants, unreputable and dishonest clinics are on the rise. These clinics have questionable practices and are downright dangerous.  They use dishonest tactics such as showing before and after photos from other clinics to having unqualified people performing the surgery. If the hair transplant price from the clinic seems too good to be true, it probably is. The side effects of going to one of these clinics can be drastic and include

    • Excessive scarring that may need corrective procedures to be fixed. 
    • Deprived hair growth 
    • Bald patches at donor sites 
    • Damage to the donor area 

    Failure To Follow Post-Op Guidance

    Following your hair transplant, you’ll be given a list of instructions to follow. Failing to adhere to these instructions may lead to side effects such as infection, excessive swelling, and bleeding.  In addition, you even run the risk of completely ruining your hair follicles. If this occurs, your hair transplant results will be sub-optimal and can lead to patchy growth.  Your situation could be worse than before which is why it is vital you look after your head and scalp after the procedure. 

    If you’d like to know more about our hair transplant packages then please leave your contact details in the form below. We will be in touch within 24 hours with your free treatment plan and consultation. Here at Revival Health Group, we’re extremely proud to be able to offer affordable and professional hair transplant packages. Take a look at our testimonials to see what people think about their results.

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