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The Effects of Alcohol on Hair Loss


    Silent Factor

    When we consider factors that affect hair loss, alcohol definitely isn’t the first thing the comes to mind. Recent studies have shown that alcohol may have a bigger impact on hair loss than initially thought. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that alcohol affects our hair.

    The Damage

    After a long night of heavy drinking, you’ll more than likely wake up the dreaded ‘hangover’.  Nausea, headache, dehydration, and food cravings are some of the most common symptoms of a nasty hangover.  

    • Dehydration – Alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it increases our need to urinate and dehydrates the body much quicker than normal. This means that our hair will lose nutrients and can lead to brittle hair. Water plays a vital role in keeping hair follicles healthy and hydrated.
    • Acidity – Alcohol changes the acidic balance of the body. Keratin is a protein of which the body uses to reduce acidity when required.  If you didn’t know – Keratin is also a key protein that is helping the body build hair follicles and increasing their strength and density. If our body is using keratin to reduce acidity, we have less of it to help improve our hair follicles.
    • Sleep – The more you drink alcohol, the worse your sleep will be. Not getting a full night’s rest will negatively affect hormones such as cortisol (The stress hormone). If we are stressed out and not getting sufficient rest, we may increase the chances of being affected by ‘trichotillomania’ (hair-pulling condition). At a biological level, stress can increase inflammation and lead to poor intake of oxygen, both of which lead to a higher probability of hair loss.
    • Toxins – Everyone knows that alcohol is a toxin. Not only does the toxin affect the liver, brain, and other organs – but it also affects our scalp.  Toxins also increase inflammation which as mentioned previously, leads to a higher probability of hair thinning and hair loss.
    • Hormone Imbalance – Drinking alcohol negatively impacts the carefully balanced levels of hormones floating around in your body, such as testosterone and estrogen. Alcohol consumption is known to increase levels of estrogen in the body which in turn leads to hair loss and hair thinning. Women also experience hair loss during pregnancy when their hormone balances are also affected.

    The Solution

    • Quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as they increase the chances of hair loss and thinning.
    • Consider getting a hair transplant in Turkey to stimulate natural and rapid hair growth
    • Utilize mesotherapy and PRP sessions to provide precious hair stimulating nutrients and minerals to your scalp

    If you are a long-time drinker and have suffered from possible drinking-related hair loss – Don’t worry. We can help you restore your natural hair. Revival Health Group is a one-stop solution to all your hair-related issues. Now you can get your hair ‘revived’ to what it normally looked like in your youth and display that confidence of yours. We at Revival Health Group offer various procedures, such as FUE, DHI, and Beard Transplants to stimulate natural hair growth at affordable rates.

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