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David Silva Hair Transplant



    Many soccer players have shown a radical change after undergoing hair transplantation. Do you think David Silva was one of them? We have the answer and the evidence to confirm it.

    We have been able to observe a great change and increase in capillary hair in the midfielder David Silva, current Real Sociedad player and one of the most recognized in Spain who has participated in the World Cup and the two European Cups with the Spanish team. For a long time, he has been a beloved footballer, not only for being a wizard with the ball at his feet but also for his handsome looks.

    Although there has never been an official and public statement, its hair change affirms it. It is normal that you have wanted to do it in a sneaky way and try to keep it a secret, but it is quite difficult when you are a public figure since the rewarding change is quite appreciable.

    He has always shown a long mane. It was surprising to the viewers when he appeared with zero shaved hair in the 2016-2017 season, showing its bulbous skull and hair loss on the front. Why did he shave his hair to show his disastrous receding hairline that he previously concealed with her mane? The specialists of Revival Hair Transplant in Turkey knew that her drastic makeover was just around the corner and that that shaving was the first step in his decision to undergo a hair transplant. However, some viewers thought that the haircut caused the loss of their hair.

    Everything indicates that in the summer of 2017 he underwent a hair transplant since on his head you could see small reddish dots that followed the same pattern and that extended around his natural hair. These points drew a new frontal line, which, in the coming months, would give rise to a new hair. Months later, it was already possible to observe that the hair transplant was bearing fruit. Two bands of hair of short length appeared drawing the same line that before were small reddish dots. Now he decided to return to his old look, letting his hair grow again. 

    His hair transplant was carried out with the FUE method (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or DHI (Direct Hair Implant). On our website, you can find the difference between these two methods of hair transplantation. Why do we know it? There are some signs that reveal it such as the shaved head, the reddish points, the hairs of small inches that appeared shortly after and abundant hair sprouting months later.

    He showed a big and drastic change compared to his previous hair. The head entries had been filled in, plus his new hairline is lower. Now, he has a perfect and renewed mane. David Silva made a good investment of money since the result was excellent.

    If you want to know how you can undergo a hair transplant like this soccer player, send us photos of the front and side of your head and our specialists will determine if you are suitable for hair transplantation and the number of grafts you need. Don’t hesitate and get your free treatment plan with Revival Hair Transplant.

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