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What Is A Failed Hair Transplant?


    What Is A Bad Hair Transplant?

    A hair transplant is a procedure many undergo in order to improve their confidence and drastically increase hair growth. Unfortunately for some, the end result is not what they had hoped. A hair transplant can fail or be ‘botched’ depending on a number of factors. If the end result looks unnatural and it is easy to tell that a person has had a hair transplant, then the result is unsuccessful.  On the other hand, if you cannot tell if a person has had a hair transplant then the result is successful. 


    How Do Failed Hair Transplants Occur?

    Let’s look at some of the ways a failed hair transplant can happen:

    Unreputable clinics

    Botched hair transplants occur for various reasons. If a person decides to get their hair transplant with an unknown and sketchy clinic, they may end up with a sketchy hair transplant. Due to the growing popularity of hair transplants, some clinics are trying to take advantage of this industry by claiming to be hair transplant specialists. They employ unskilled surgeons who are not trained to complete the hair transplant procedure. The end result is usually not what the patient expected and is left unhappy and empty-handed. This is the risk of going abroad with an untrusted clinic

    FUT method used

    In order to save money, some people opt for the outdated FUT method for their hair transplant. This is not a good idea. The FUT method is known to cause excessive scarring and leave an unnatural result. If a clinic still offers the FUT method, you should be wary as this method is highly outdated and is not used by modern and professional clinics. In addition to that, it is a painful and uncomfortable procedure.

    Unskilled surgeons

    Before your hair transplant, make sure that you know who your surgeon is. You don’t want an unskilled and inexperienced surgeon performing your hair transplant. If you have an amateur surgeon extracting the grafts from your donor area, it is likely that they are going to over harvest hair follicles. This can result in a patchy and undesirable look. Your hair transplant should be completed by an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing and how to solve any issues as they arise.

    Unsuitable candidates

    Not everyone is suitable for a hair transplant, however, clinics still accept these patients as they are paying customers. Normally a patient is unsuitable for a hair transplant if their donor area is of poor quality. This means that the hair that will be extracted and implanted will not be of sufficient quality and may fall out. Age, health, genetics and illness play a huge role in determining if a candidate is suitable or not. At Revival Health Group, we’re completely transparent and honest when it comes to suitable candidates.  

    Lack of aftercare procedure

    After your hair transplant procedure, you’ll be given a set of guidelines and instructions to follow. These steps are very important as you want to avoid infection of the recently transplanted site.  Unfortunately, some patients don’t adhere to this process and in rare cases, end up with an infection. Again, this can result in an uneven result and patchy appearance. 


    Can A Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

    In the case that a hair transplant is botched, there are still ways to resolve this issue thankfully. Using the camouflage technique and beard hair follicles, our surgeons are able to fix a botched hair transplant. Each patient is unique and will have a different case, but typically badly implanted hair grafts will be extracted and replaced in the correct position. Repairing a hair transplant typically requires the craft and creativity of an experienced surgeon who knows what they are doing. You’ll be glad to know that here at Revival Health Group, we only use accredited and professional surgeons.


    How To Avoid A Bad Hair Transplant

    The best way to avoid a bad hair transplant is by knowing that the clinic and surgeon who will be performing your hair transplant are fully accredited and experienced. Botched hair transplants usually occur in the hand of inexperienced surgeons and clinics who are only aiming to extract as much money as possible for paying clients. Here at Revival Hair Transplant, we have decades of combined experience and hundreds of successful hair transplants.  

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