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The relationship between genetics and hair loss

    Hairs are an essential part of a person’s looks and beauty. Shedding them makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself and affects your confidence drastically. Different studies have shown that those with less hair or actively falling hair have poor love life than those who are particularly hairy.

    The relationship between genetics and hair loss is inevitable. Hair loss is considered to occur more in males, but it is not at all gender-based. Any person of any age can face hair loss due to external factors, hormone levels, or as a result of the aging process. Apart from them, every person is born with a hair loss gene.

    Let me give you a ride through the human reproductive system to explain how the hair loss gene patterns are designed during the reproduction phases, which result in early hair loss.

    The Balding Gene

    During reproduction, the 46 chromosome pairs carry all types of genetic patterns containing all the information. Some of those genes pair up to make a polygenic which is responsible for baldness in humans. The balding gene is destined to make humans shed hairs to the point they eventually get bald. The gene comes into action after the mid-twenties in males and after menopause in females.

    It is not a one-time thing; rather, it occurs in a prolonged process. One can predict this type of hair fall activity on the onset. In males, the hair loss occurs in an m-like shape attacking the edges first. Whereas in females, the hairline starts to recede, and hair starts thinning and falling from all parts of their head altogether. Around 80 % of males are seen to have gone through male pattern baldness by the age of 80. Similarly, 50 out of 100 females are seen to have gone through female pattern baldness by the age of 80.

    Unfortunately, this is destined to happen with every other person out there and is a part of the natural process of aging. One can not put a halt to the process or reverse it in any way. However, you can slow it down.

    Solutions for hair loss:

    There are a bunch of options to go for when protecting yourself from continuous hair loss. You can;

    • Use medications like minoxidil to slow down the process.
    • Get laser therapies to boost the weaker scalp tissues.
    • Get platelet-rich plasma injections which are very effective in stimulating hair growth.
    • Get hair transplants surgeries to cover the empty patches, etc.


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