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    Sure you’ve heard of micro-pigmentation (hair tattoo), but do you know exactly what it is? After reading this article you will know exactly what it consists of. As the word ‘pigment’ with its suffix ‘micro’ indicates, it has something to do with small pigments. This treatment consists of pigmenting the skin, to give a better appearance in facial and body features, both in men and women. It is an aesthetic technique that basically consists of covering imperfections.

    To understand it in the first room, it can be said that it is similar to a tattoo but the same pigment is not used, nor is the same machine used, nor is it applied to the same depth. It is quite common in areas such as the lips, eyebrows, scars, or areolas, but there is also capillary micro-pigmentation.

    Hair tattoo is the technique that consists of injecting pigments under the skin at a depth of 0.25 to 1.75 millimeters (injected into the upper part of the dermis), in order to achieve a better appearance in those areas where there is a lack of hair or alopecia is suffered. The result is the coloring of the scalp in the hairless areas with a tonality similar to the hair on your head to hide the lack of it.

    It should be noted that this treatment has no permanent effects. The duration depends on many factors such as the quality of the skin, type of depigmentation used by the professional, exposure to the sun… Hair Tattoo procedure should last between two or three years, it depends on the person.

    This procedure lasts between one and two hours per session, requiring at least two or three sessions to complete the work. 

    Most hair tattoo clinics advise you to shave your head before undergoing this treatment because the procedure is easier and the result will be more successful because you can easily see in which areas there is less hair and make more progressive injections with more natural effects.

    To carry it out, local anesthesia is applied to the capillary micro pigmentation procedure is painless. It is done through a specific electric machine called ‘dermograph’.

    After undergoing the treatment, it is normal to suffer inflammation since an area has been treated with needles. It is also normal for some pores to eject part of the ink introduced. In the next few days, a dark crust is produced that will peel off. Later, around ten or twenty days, the color will lighten, giving rise to the desired tonality.

    Hair tattooing and microblading are different techniques. It is one of the most demanded alternatives to hair transplant FUE or hair transplant DHI. There are also cases in which it is used in combination of both treatments, that is, hair transplantation that has been carried out a long time ago can be reinforced with a hair tattoo treatment (by darkening the scalp, it will give an appearance of greater density), or vice versa, a person who has tried the hair tattoo procedure can later undergo a hair transplant. However, it is more advisable that the hair transplant surgery be done first and then retouches with hair tattooing. Both the capillary graft and the capillary micro pigmentation have something in common: they are treatments against alopecia. However, they do not have the same result.

    What is the difference?

    A Hair tattoo serves to hide alopecia in shaved hair or on heads that have low density. If you want to undergo a hair tattoo procedure  with a shaved effect, be aware that you will have to shave the area with hair maximum hair every three days to maintain the natural look. As well, you can hide the low density through the darkening scalp. By this treatment, hair loss is camouflaged but not recovered physically, just the appearance of short hair is simulated in those areas with little or no hair. Although in less quantity, there are also women who undergo this technique to hide the loss of capillary density, which is known as diffuse alopecia. Women use this technique more in bald areas of the eyebrows.

    Hair transplantation is the perfect treatment for those people who have suffered a great loss of hair and want to regain the hair they had previously. This technique allows hair to grow in the right direction since it consists of implanting your own hair follicle from the donor areas to the bald areas to let. This means that the hair cycle will recover where it had stopped working. Therefore, the capillary insert gives a much more realistic and natural appearance. Microblading is a good technique for people who do not have enough donor area.

    Unfortunately, many clinics do not perform a hair transplant professionally and the donor area is damaged, so the patient has to subsequently undergo hair tattooing. Therefore, it is important that you choose good surgeons for your hair transplant, such as those from Revival Health Group.

    As a general rule, the cost of the hair tattoo procedure is lower than hair transplantation. However, the price of hair transplantation that we offer at Revival Health Group is not much higher compared to the price of the hair tattoo even cheaper than the micro-pigmentation treatment that some clinics offer.

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