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The Truth About Forehead Reduction

forehead reduction


    How to reduce the size of the forehead is one of the most important questions for those who have it. People with a large forehead tend to have a complex because of it since it is very visible and difficult to hide. Unfortunately, some of them have even suffered bullying for it, as it is an easy way to belittle another person. If you search on Google, you will get temporary solutions, such as haircuts, makeup, or other solutions. However, today we want to tell you the solutions that are permanent and with which you will not have to worry about it anymore.

    Today, the surgery is very advanced and through it, you can obtain the result you have always wanted. There are different methods. We are going to tell you what each of them consists of and what their advantages and disadvantages are. The large forehead is one that measures more than 5-6 centimeters and perhaps it is not proportional to the rest of the facial features. If this is your case and you have felt ashamed, this may be the solution you were waiting for.


    Not only people who have a thin hairline benefit from hair transplantation in Turkey but also people with a long forehead. Adding hair to the forehead will result in a visibly smaller forehead. For this, hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head to ingest in the part of the forehead, giving rise to a new hairline. After a few months, you will be able to enjoy this hairline and your new little forehead.

    The new hairline must be personally designed, in accordance with the features of the eyes, the shape of the eyebrows, as well as the rest of the facial gestures. This is because the forehead can appear very small or very large depending on these. The hairline cannot be very low. The lowest that could be is above the wrinkles that form on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows, otherwise, the result would be unnatural


    Forehead reduction is carried out to specifically reduce the size of the forehead. Before undergoing the operation, the surgeon must check, by pinching your forehead, if you are suitable to undergo this operation. If your forehead does not have the necessary elasticity, forehead reduction surgery will not be possible. This operation consists of making an incision along the hairline, reaching from ear to ear. Then, part of the skin is removed from the forehead and the scalp is stretched forward to unite it with the forehead and thus reduce the size. The problem that can arise after this operation is that the scar can become visible if you do not have long hair. Therefore, it is not the most recommended surgery for men.


    Through this intervention, you will get a reduction of the forehead as a result due to the lifting of the eyebrows. This intervention is aimed at raising eyebrows due to having fallen after the passage of time and giving a more youthful facial appearance. Droopy eyebrows can make you look angry or sad all the time, and can even make vision difficult. With this intervention, visible scars can also be a problem, in addition to the loss of hair in the part where the incision has been made. The main objective of this intervention is not to reduce your forehead, so it is not the most recommended if your desire is to reduce its size.


    One of the main differences between hair transplantation and forehead reduction is the type of anesthesia used during the intervention. In hair transplantation, local anesthesia is used, while in forehead reduction, general anesthesia is necessary. For this reason, the postoperative recovery period for hair transplantation is shorter; while with the front reduction, it can be more difficult.

    Another difference is regarding the scars. With hair transplantation, you will not have to worry, since this intervention does not require stitches, while with forehead reduction scars can become a problem.

    Hair transplant aftercare is pretty straightforward. However, you must bear in mind that, to obtain the desired result, you will have to wait between 8 and 12 months. After this period, you will be able to enjoy the natural look of your surgery. With forehead reduction, although it is more painful due to the points, the result is faster, since you will be able to appreciate the difference just after the intervention.


    With a hair transplant, you can obtain more accurate results. A new hairline will be designed for you. The surgeon and you will discuss which is the best hairline, according to your preferences and wishes, as well as the possibilities and facial characteristics.

    Also, if you are losing hair in this area, hair transplantation is the best option since, even if you undergo another type of surgery, you will continue experimenting with hair loss and your forehead will continue to increase in size.

    You can undergo a hair transplant even if the skin on your forehead is tight. If you do not have a lot of elasticity in your forehead, the surgeon will not be able to stretch that skin to sew again.


    Many people can have low self-esteem because they feel that their forehead size is disproportionately large. There are different causes, such as genetic facial features or that you have suffered a recession in your hairline. In both cases, you are eligible to undergo a hair transplant.

    If the size of your forehead affects your life or you just want to show a smaller forehead, nothing stops you from coming to Turkey for a hair transplant. Revival Hair Group offers very affordable prices, which include the stay, both in Istanbul and Antalya. Remember that hair transplantation is the intervention that will give you the most natural result.

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