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Coronation Street Actor Jack P Shepard Dramatic Hair Transplant Transformation


    Coronation Street Actor Jack P Shepard Dramatic Hair Transplant Transformation

    Famous actor Jack P Shepard had his 3000 graft hair transplant late in 2019 at the crown clinic. His surgeon was Asim Shamalak at the clinic located in Manchester. Happy with the results and having the funds to afford another hair transplant – Jack P Shepard did just that. 

    Who is Jack P Shepard?

    Jack P Shepard, aged 33, was born in West Yorkshire. He plays the role of David Platt on the famous ITV show Coronation Street. He has won various acting awards including ‘Best Young Actor’ and ‘Best Soap Actor. He is a fan of Leeds United and outside of his acting role, helps out at local performing arts theatres.

    Why Did Jack P Shepard Lose His Hair?

    According to Jack, he suffered from aggressive hair loss and a receding hairline due to stress from his career. It is clear that there is pressure to look good all the time that comes with being a celebrity. Stress is the main factor that contributes to hair loss, although it is harder to detect stress levels because most of us in our daily lives have become used to it. Jack P Shepard shared his thoughts on hair transplantation 

    ”It is such a common thing for guys to have now – like a male version of the boob job. I decided to have it done because my hair loss has really escalated in the last year, particularly at the front of my scalp. I remember seeing myself on screen and thinking: ‘Oh my God, it is really falling out.’”

    “One of my mates had a transplant and he looked so much better afterward that I didn’t recognize him. I was blown away by the improvement and he told me he wished he had done it earlier. I thought if I am going to do it, I should act now so that I can get the benefits for longer.”

    “I want to get my hair back to what it was before so that I can style it at the front any way that I like. It would great to be in a position to have an Elvis quiff and really have some fun with my hair.”

    We agree with Jack’s thoughts and believe that if you are suffering from hair loss, a hair transplant is definitely the best option to resolve your hair loss issues once and for all. Other factors that contribute to hair loss include nutrition, alcohol intake, disease, and genetics. 

    Why Did Jack P Shepard Opt For A Hair Transplant

    Seeing the results of his friend’s hair transplant, Jack was shocked by the transformation and improvement of the procedure. Many people are starting to realize that a hair transplant is the best option for those suffering from severe hair loss or who simply want to preserve their hair to the best of their ability. Advancements in hair transplant technology and procedure methods have made hair transplantation a viable method for most people to resolve hair loss issues.

    Benefits Of A Hair Transplant

    With the adoption of the FUE and DHI methods, hair transplantation has become the number one procedure to resolve hair loss issues. Unlike in the past, a hair transplant is now widely affordable, non-invasive, and has a rapid recovery time. The procedure only lasts around 5-6 hours and patients can start back to work within days.

    What Next?

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