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    James Anthony Parick, better known as Jimmy Carr,  is a well-known comedian, writer, actor, and presenter on British television. He is characterized by the use of black humor. At the beginning of the year 2020, we could appreciate the incredible effectiveness of hair transplantation through the FUE technique. The change of look was very remarkable, now he shows himself more elegant than ever. Jimmy Carr, at 48 years old, has inspired many men to undergo hair transplantation, as his change has been spectacular.

    He has never tried to hide his admission to hair transplantation. In his interview with The Sun, the well-known tabloid, he openly stated that, while he was locked up during COVID-19, he underwent this change, as his hairline had noticeably receded. His words were: ‘So what happened was my hair was socially distancing from my forehead and I’d had enough of it. 

    Jimmy Carr, like many men, began to show a receding hairline. With the humor that characterizes him, he confessed that he was starting to look like a “snooker-playing vampire”.

    It is common that at the end of puberty, men begin to lose hair density in the hairline area and when they reach thirty they already show a recession in the hairline.

    This FUE hair transplant that Jimmy Carr underwent consists of the extraction of hair follicles in areas populated with hair (donor area), to later be inserted in those areas with little or no hair density (recipient area). This type of hair transplant is safe, non-invasive and the scars are invisible once the hair has grown back. At 6 months after this treatment, the hair growth cycle returns to normal and you will show hair as it was years ago.

    How could he show this change so fast and perfectly? Jimmy Carr was the perfect candidate to undergo hair transplantation since, in addition to his donor area being very dense, he did not need many hair follicle grafts, as his hairline had only receded about two inches from his natural hairline. This is known by the lines of expression of the forehead since these mark the muscular tissue of the forehead, which marks the lower edge of the hairline to be worked on.

    Most people are concerned about the cost of this treatment. That is why Revival Health Group offers an affordable price on hair transplants in Turkey. We want all people who are not happy with their appearance to have the possibility of undergoing this treatment.

    If you are tired of your baldness and you are considering the possibility of undergoing a hair transplant, contact us via email or Whatsapp. We will inform you about everything related to the DHI and FUE techniques, and we will provide you with a personalized and exclusive free treatment plan. Do not hesitate and contact us at:

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