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Jude Law's Hair Transplant

jude law hair transplant

    Jude Law Hair Transplant

    Famous celebrities and actors have an appearance to maintain as they are constantly in the public eye. When a celebrity or actor such as Jude Law has to deal with confidence-hampering conditions such as androgenic alopecia, it is normal for them to turn to medical procedures to resolve their issue. 

    Hair loss and hair transplants are becoming less and less of a taboo in our society as these public figures are willing to speak out about it. Celebrities such as Elton John and Wayne Rooney are great examples of bringing public awareness to hair loss. 

    Who Is Jude Law?

    Jude Law is best known for his roles in Sherlock Holmes, Enemy At The Gates and, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Jude Law was born in London and has won multiple awards including the prestigious BAFTA film award. Many people don’t know this but his name comes from the famous Beatles song ‘Hey Judge’.  

    Jude Law’s Hair Loss

    Even for a handsome man like Jude Law, hair loss can highly impact one’s appearance and self-esteem, particularly if the hair loss is unflattering. A high-receding hairline and U or V-shaped hairlines can be detrimental to one’s image, particularly on younger males. It makes sense that an actor and person who is always in the public eye such as Jude Law decided to get a hair transplant to change his hairline and restore his natural hair. Hair loss is mainly genetic, however, factors such as alcohol intake, nutrition, stress, and so forth can damage hair follicles and stunt growth.

    What Is Different About Jude Law’s Hair Transplant?

    Jude Law’s hair transplant is a great example of how a hair transplant can drastically improve one’s appearance. Since your own hairs are used in a transplant, the results are natural and effective. It has been supposed that Jude Law has had two hair transplants during the course of his lifetime, but we cannot definitely say. Experts claim that Jude Law has also been using PRP therapy to help stimulate the production of hair follicles to provide greater hair density.  Using a combination of a hair transplant and PRP, it is likely that you’ll experience hair growth similar to Jude Law.

    Difference Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant Methods

    The main differences between the FUE and DHI transplant methods include cost, recovery time, and increased hair density.  DHI is a little more expensive, but surgeons are able to implant hair grafts with greater accuracy and precision. This results in a more natural appearance. A special tool called a Choi Pen is used during the DHI method to help with hair implantation precision. 


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