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Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant


    F1 Record Breaker Lewis Hamilton Dramatic Hair Transplant Transformation

    Experts claim that the famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton underwent hair transplant surgery. Looking at the photograph below it is clear that Lewis was suffering from a receding hairline and severe hair loss. The comparison photo clearly demonstrates a large amount of hair growth. The results may be dramatic, but this is possible with a hair transplant. We believe that Lewis Hamilton has had A DHI transplant due to his afro-hair type.  An afro hair transplant requires more care and intricacy from the surgeon as the hair is more sensitive and curly than other hair types. Want to know more about why we think Lewis Hamilton had a hair transplant? Continue reading to find out more.

    Who is Lewis Hamilton?

    Lewis Hamilton is a British race car driver who was one of the most famous and successful F1 Grand Prix racers of all time. Born into a quiet town in North London, his father immigrated to England from the West Indies in the ’50s. He started to garner attention in 2007 as a driver from the notorious McLaren team. He then went on to break a number of records in the racing world. He joined Michael Schumacher as the most successful driver in F1’s history, however, many people still have a split opinion about the world champion. 

    Why Did Lewis Hamilton Lose His Hair?

    There are multiple reasons why Lewis Hamilton could lose his hair.  Firstly, let’s consider the stress of being a top competitive athlete in an adrenaline-inducing sport.  When levels of stress are high in the body, cortisol rises rapidly.  This hormone called cortisol has been linked to hair loss and thus we believe it is a factor in why Lewis Hamilton could have been losing his hair rapidly.  In addition to that, genetics and lifestyle are big factors.  Lewis Hamilton himself talked about the usage of poor shampoos when traveling. He stated: “If in hotels, would use their bad products but never shampooed and conditioned. My hair started to deteriorate and thin out.”.  It is certainly true that the usage of bad or unnatural hair products can lead to hair loss.  

    Why Did Lewis Hamilton Opt For A Hair Transplant?

    As a top-level athlete and star, Lewis Hamilton is always in the limelight and public eye. Rumors of a hair transplant started to bubble around 2019.  When looking at the image sourced from Instagram above, it is evident that Lewis Hamilton has had substantial hair growth, improved thickness, and density. Lewis Hamilton has evidently opted for a hair transplant as it has been proven time and time again to provide rapid results and a natural-looking appearance.  Hair Transplantation methods have been improved dramatically in the past decade or so and therefore many people, including celebrities and football stars are turning to the operation to resolve their hair loss issues.  Lewis Hamilton is no different.

    Benefits Of A Hair Transplant

    Lewis Hamilton went for a hair transplant as it is the only real solution to resolving hair loss issues permanently and naturally.  Not only are hair transplants widely affordable, but they can help boost your confidence, restore your hairline and provide rapid and natural hair growth within months. A common hair transplant technique is called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. This method has many advancements compared to the old FUT method.  To name a few benefits, this hair transplant technique is minimally invasive, has a low recovery time, and provides more natural-looking results. 

    What Next?

    Are you interested in learning more about a hair transplant? Are you suffering from daily hair loss anxiety? Please get in touch by leaving your contact form in the field below and we’ll be in touch with your expert treatment plan from the surgeon.  We’ll be able to estimate how many hair grafts you’ll need and what is the best way to move forward with your treatment. Every patient and hair type is different so it is important that we’re able to give you an expert assessment before you decide to come to Turkey for your hair transplant.  Our hair transplant packages are all-inclusive which means you won’t have to worry about booking a hotel, accommodation, or transfers.  We save you the stress and hassle!

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