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How stress can lead to hair loss


    Generally, alopecia is used as a clinical term for hair loss. Everyone may experience hair loss due to stress at any stage of life. But not all hair losses are specifically due to stress. It is possible that your hair will grow back if the hair loss is due to stress. But the hair growth may be different.

    Some specific types of hair loss due to stress are following.

    Telogen effluvium

    According to Dermatologists Telogen effluvium may be the second most common type of hair loss in both males and females. The person affected by TE doesn’t lose all of their scalp hair. TE usually occurs when there is a change in growing follicles. If the change is during the resting phase it may result in hair fall. It is not permanent damage to hair follicles.

    Alopecia areata

    Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system stacks on follicles. As it is an autoimmune disease so activated by stress and causes hair loss. Hair loss may be in form of patches. But in severe form, the hair loss may be throughout the body.


    It is considered an impulse control disorder. It is also known as a hair-pulling disorder. Hair pulling will be more intentional in order to relieve stress. Hair loss sometimes causes additional stress.


    Prevention & Health Care

    You can do many things to prevent hair loss following are some prevention and health care tips. Vitamins are essentials for the healthy growth of hair. Following is a detail of vitamins along with their importance to reduce hair loss.

    • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is very important for the formation of collagen, these are found in the hair follicles and they act as connective tissues. Food enriched with vitamin C is citrus fruits, strawberries, and broccoli.

    • Vitamin B

    Vitamin B along with other vitamins making a complex to make healthier metabolism as well as healthy hair. Vitamin B is present in food like beans and leafy green vegetables.


    • Vitamin E

    Essential protein antioxidants require for a healthy scalp are present in vitamin E. Sunflower seed, spinach, and olive oil is enriched with vitamin E.


    If the above-mentioned vitamins are not included in your daily diet, then you should start the use of nutritional supplements. Remember one thing that the dose must be under the supervision of a doctor. One should use the necessary amount of water in a daily routine. We should also try to minimize the stress as possible. By doing exercise and daily walk one can feel light and the mind remains fresh for the whole day. Different kinds of hobbies like writing, gardening and etc. can be adopted.


    Solutions for hair loss:

    There are a bunch of options to go for when protecting yourself from continuous hair loss. You can;

    • Use medications like minoxidil to slow down the process.
    • Get laser therapies to boost the weaker scalp tissues.
    • Get platelet-rich plasma injections which are very effective in stimulating hair growth.
    • Get hair transplants surgeries to cover the empty patches, etc.
    • Improve nutrition and cut out excess junk food
    • Get adequate levels of vitamin D


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