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The Truth About Hair Transplant Scars


    The Truth About Hair Transplant Scars

    A common concern by patients is the topic regarding hair transplant scars. Many patients want to get a hair transplant but are put off by stories and photos of post-op scarring. One of the main objectives of a successful hair transplant is to leave minimal scarring.  Hair transplantation has improved drastically over the years and innovations in techniques and practices have led to very minimal scarring after the procedure. In contrast, when old hair transplant methods such as FUT were used, scarring was excessive and very noticeable. The reason why hair transplantation leaves scars is that the surgeon is required to extract the hair follicle using a micro-punching tool. Let’s look at how you can avoid unnecessary scarring and obtain the best hair transplant result.

    How To Avoid Hair Transplant Scars

    Scarring is inevitable when it comes to hair transplantation. You can greatly reduce the amount of scarring so that it is barely noticeable by ensuring that you opt for an FUE or DHI technique. We highly recommend that you avoid clinics that are offering the FUT method.  The reason is that this method is outdated and leaves excessive scarring on the scalp due to its invasive nature.  FUE and DHI techniques are modern, leave minimal scarring and provide patients with more natural-looking results. 

    If you opt for a clinic that is unprofessional or uses bad practices, you may find yourself at risk of being over-scarred during your hair transplant. In addition, your surgeon could be inexperienced and unnecessarily over-harvest hair grafts. Simply put, opt for an FUE/DHI hair transplant and ensure that the clinic you book with is reputable and professional. 

    Getting Rid Of Hair Transplant Scars

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to fully remove hair transplant scars. This is why we highly recommend ensuring that the clinic you book with is reputable and professional. You do not want to end up with a botched hair transplant and unnecessary scarring because you opted for the cheapest hair transplant offer you could find. 

    Best Way To Conceal Hair Transplant Scars

    The best way to conceal hair transplant scars is twofold. Firstly, avoid having your hair cut to grade 1 or 0. When your hair is this short, hair transplantation scars are more noticeable. Secondly, we offer a procedure called scalp micro-pigmentation. This is essentially a tattoo that provides a visual illusion and mimics hair. It is a modern technique and is growing in popularity year on year. Much like hair transplantation, it is best to do your research before booking a scalp micro pigmentation session.

    Why Choose Revival Health Group For Your Hair Transplant In Turkey?

    Here At Revival Health Group, we only use modern hair transplantation techniques such as Micro FUE and DHI.  We work with the best hospitals in Istanbul and you can be assured that only highly accredited and experienced hair transplant surgeons will be carrying out your procedure.  We offer incredible value-for-money hair transplant packages that include your accommodation, transfers, procedure, translation service, and much more so that you don’t have to worry about organizing this.

    Please leave your contact details in the form below if you wish to find out more about our hair transplant package prices. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours with your free hair transplant consultation and an expert treatment plan from the surgeon to determine how many hair grafts you may need and what is the best way to move forward with your hair loss issues. Our dedicated specialist team is native English speakers and thus you won’t have any miscommunication issues or language concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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