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Tips To Hide Hair Transplant Surgery



    The capillary graft is one of the interventions that are carried out the most on a daily basis. One of the biggest concerns of people who undergo a hair transplant is how to diffuse it. Most patients prefer to carry out this process in the most hidden way possible. How will I look in the days or weeks after the intervention is one of the most common questions? Concealing a hair transplant is not an easy task. Most of the hair transplants are carried out with shaved hair, due to the greater visibility in the intervention and, therefore, to greater precision of the result.

    It is true that it is also possible to perform hair follicle grafts without the need to shave more than the donor area, through the DHI hair transplant method without shaving. This hair transplant is usually requested by women and men with long hair. In the latter case, it will be easier to cover the donor area and the recipient area with the rest of the long hair.

    Today we will give you some tips and factors to take into account to carry this process in the most comfortable way possible and without worries.



    Choosing the right time is one of the most important factors to guarantee a successful result.

    Alopecia that begins at an early age tends to stabilize over time. That is why it is not advisable to undergo a hair treatment at an early age since baldness can progress and certain depopulated areas may appear behind the hairline performed in the previously performed hair transplant.

    It is also not advisable to undergo a very late age, since the quality of the hair follicles in the donor area may deteriorate.

    It is very important that you propose an action plan that takes these factors into account and is able to obtain the result you expect. Contact the specialists and send photos of the front and side of your head and they will advise you and determine if you are suitable for hair transplantation

    Like any other surgical intervention, hair transplantation requires a recovery time.

    Some of the problems that you will have to face after the intervention are redness of the scalp, small dots in the donor area, scabs at the base of the implanted follicle, or swelling in the frontal area.

    These effects make it difficult to hide it. We will give you some tips to improve and deal with them in more suitable ways.

    Sleeping with your head at an angle of 30 or 40 degrees

    Keeping the head at this particular angle will decrease the swelling, as well as using the band provided by the specialist team.

    This swelling is related to the serum used together with the anesthesia. If you follow this advice, it will disappear after a few days.

    Wash the hair gently and using the recommended products

    To soften the scabs and make them come off more easily, it is essential to follow the steps of the specialists on hair washing in the days after the intervention.

    You should use water with very little pressure and massage the area with the fill of your fingers.

    Growing a beard

    With this trick, you can divert attention to another part of your face other than the head.

    Cover your head

    Two weeks after the intervention, you will be able to use accessories on the head to raise the area of ​​the intervention. These accessories cannot be too tight, nor cause you to sweat, as it will slow down the healing process.

    After a month, you can use them normally.

    Use of cosmetics

    There are different cosmetic products, such as makeup or sprays, with which you can hide the scabs in the recipient area or the dots in the donor area.

    Before using them, please consult with specialists to make sure that their use will not cause any problems.The recovery process is not the same for everyone.

    Improve diet and habits

    Providing the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your diet plays an essential role in accelerating hair growth.

    On the other hand, bad habits such as drinking or smoking can slow down the healing process and hair growth, because they hinder the supply of oxygen in the blood that reaches the hair follicle.

    Take vacations

    If you want to avoid questions or prying eyes at your work, one of the solutions is to take a week or two of vacation whenever possible. In addition to this, you can be calmer and dedicate more time to yourself and your postoperative care.

    If you want to take your vacation at the same time as your hair implant, you should know that it is not allowed to swim in the pool or the sea or expose yourself to the sun.

    If you follow these tips along with those of our specialists and lose your fear of what people will say, you can more quickly enjoy the hair you have always wanted to have and say goodbye to complexes and insecurities.

    At Revival Health Group we want you to take this process in the most enjoyable way possible, here in Turkey.

    That is why our packages have the best and quietest hotels so you can recover, both in Antalya and Istanbul. Likewise, we offer a Holidays Package in Antalya, so you can enjoy a few days of vacation in this wonderful city, before undergoing a hair transplant.

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