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Turkey For Hair Transplant


    Turkey has become one of the main hubs for hair transplantation. The principal factors for this are that Turkey offers excellent hair transplants at comparatively low prices compared to other countries such as the USA.

    Data shows that the hair transplantation industry in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, has a billion-dollar sector of hair transplantation. According to the facts and figures, more than five thousand people visit Turkey for hair transplantation each month.

    Reasons why Turkey has Excelled in Hair Transplant

    An industry cannot simply generate revenue of billions of dollars. There has got to be something extra about that industry. Let us take a look at the factors involved in why Turkey has made such a leap in the field of hair transplant and how has it become the number one reason for health tourism to Turkey:

    Affordable Costs and Packages

    The hair transplant costs in Turkey are relatively low than in many other countries. This is a significant factor in people opting to go to Turkey for a hair transplant. A typical hair transplant in Turkey costs around 1700-3000$ than 15000-25000$ in the USA. You can see that the price difference is off the charts! If you get great, professional quality from Turkey at such a low price, why would you opt to go to the USA and spend eight times more money to get the same hair transplant?

    It is not only about the cost. Cost is also low, but the attractive packages for foreign tourists who come for hair transplant are attractive. Many of the packages include picking up the tourists from the airport along with a translator. The ride will take them to the hair transplant clinic and then take them to shopping malls and tours across the city before finally taking them back to the airport. These packages are a significant source of attraction for foreign customers. They can enjoy a journey in the cities and have a hair transplant.

    Professional Level Hair Transplant Experts

    All the hair transplant experts are well-qualified and love their job. No doubt, professionalism is the number one thing when it comes to any profession. Turkey has one of the most qualified hair transplant experts who work diligently to please their customers. Due to the satisfaction of customers, more and more customers continue to visit Turkey for hair transplants.

    Modern Techniques

    The hair transplant experts in Turkey have gained wide recognition worldwide, and hair transplant techniques have a part to play in it. The hair transplants in Turkey are entirely modern. When it comes to hair transplant, the FUE technique is the most popular in Turkey. A more advanced form of FUE named “Micro FUE” gives a more natural result after transplant.

    The most popular techniques include DHI after FUE. DHI is a “Direct Hair Implant” technique that doesn’t involve any stitches and cuts. Robotic transplant is the 3rd most widely used technique in hair transplants in Turkey. It involves two steps. The first step is the automatic collection of roots of hairs. The second process is to transplant them manually.

    Why Choose Revival Health Group

    Our company, the Revival health group, is based in Turkey. We also provide quality hair transplants with the best professionals. They make sure that our patients feel at home and get the best quality hair transplants. Revival health group wants to continue to promote the hair transplant processes in Turkey. We respect the image of our country when it comes to hair transplants, and we wish to add more light to the hair transplant candle.

    We are an ambitious group who work with diligence to satisfy our customers. Losing hair can be very frustrating. Age, stress and many other factors conspire together to trigger hair loss. We have treated many people that were satisfied with our work. If you are looking for an efficient, low price hair transplant center using the right set of techniques, the Revival health group is the one you should be looking for.

    We have also contributed to the fame of hair transplants in Turkey. We have a set of satisfied customers that had the best experience with us. Our company’s motive is to keep working hard to satisfy customers and make a good name for the hair transplant industry in Turkey. We believe that patients look for good quality hair transplant services at a low price. You don’t need to spend a massive sum of dollars to get a good quality hair transplant that looks natural. We provide you with common price transplants that look natural. Only an expert who deals with transplants may be able to tell if you ever had a hair transplant or not.


    Turkey is famous worldwide for efficient hair transplants. We believe in low price transplants that have enabled Turkey to generate billions of dollars of revenue from hair transplants. Hair transplants in Turkey are famous due to their low prices and friendly packages. They have professional experts and utilize modern techniques.

    Revival Health Group has also contributed to the success of hair transplants in Turkey. It wishes to carry on with the tradition of providing the best hair transplants in the whole world.

    Do you wish to begin a new chapter in your life and restore your hair naturally? If yes, then don’t hesitate to leave your contact details in the form below.  We’ll be in touch with your free consultation and expert treatment plan.

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