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Is My Hairline Receding? What Is The Solution For A Receding Hairline?


    Receding Hairline

    Unfortunately, a receding hairline is an issue most men will have to deal with at some point in their life. As men get older, hair loss tends to speed up and become more severe.  There are some men, however, who are lucky enough to go through life with a head full of hair. Hair Loss can be stressful, so we’ve decided to write this article to show you the early signs, how to prevent it, and ultimately the best solutions to treating a receding hairline.

    What Causes A Hairline To Recede?

    There are a huge variety of factors that cause hair loss to occur and a hairline to recede, but the main reasons are genetics, stress, age, hormones, disease, nutrition, and alcohol intake. A receding hairline simply means that hair is falling from the crown or front of your head. It’s actually quite difficult to tell if your hairline is reseeding so we don’t recommend obsessing over it by constantly checking the mirror. On the other hand, you should check how easily your hair falls out by running your hand through it, brushing, or checking if there are large amounts of hair left on the floor after a shower.

    Does It Affect Both Men And Women?

    Hair loss and a receding hairline typically only affect men, but more and more women are experiencing it too. This could be due to a number of modern lifestyle factors such as environment, stress, and nutritional choices. Women over 40 are more likely to experience hair loss and fall. This experience can be extremely distressing for women as having a head full of hair is a sign of femininity for many women. If you are experiencing dramatic hair loss, we recommend that you book an appointment with your doctor to check your thyroid and iron levels. 

    How To Prevent It?

    If your hair loss is genetic, it is much more difficult to prevent hair loss. There are some methods and prevention steps that you can have in place to delay the hair loss, however.  It is absolutely vital that you consume a healthy diet and limit your alcohol intake.  The reason for this is that your hair follicles need vitamins and amino acids to stay strong and prevent breaking. If your scalp is devoid of nutrients, it is going to speed up your hair loss even more.  More prevention tips include;

    • Avoiding excessive sunlight
    • Limit stress
    • Avoid harsh combing of the hair
    • Consider using Finasteride 
    • Bi-weekly scalp massages
    • Avoid smoking and alcohol
    • Eat more protein and omega-3’s
    • Use organic hair products

    Typical Treatments

    We’re only going to cover the most effective and proven hair loss treatment techniques here. If your hair loss is severe, please consider the following treatment options after consulting with a doctor.

    • Prescription Drugs – Finasteride requires daily consumption and may take months for effects to show. They are effective but may also have side effects such as erectile dysfunction, mood swings, etc.
    • Hair Transplant – The best solution to hair loss but requires surgery. Expensive in the UK but affordable in Turkey and South America. A hair transplant implants healthy hair follicles from your donor area into your scalp where hair loss is evident. Results take 5-6 months but are effective, natural, and impressive. 
    • Laser Therapy – This technique stimulates hair follicles to grow by using low-level lasers. Results are inconsistent and require various treatments. It is less invasive than a hair transplant, however.


    What Next?

    If you’re interested in the sound of a hair transplant and would like to know about the procedure, costs and so forth, then please get in touch using the form below. If you leave your contact details we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with your free consultation plan and expert advice from the surgeon. We’ll be able to determine how many hair grafts you’ll need and what is the best way to move forward to resolve your hair loss issues.


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