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How Many Grafts?

A graft is a medical term for a strip of skin having hair follicles that are either growing, dead, or have to be transplanted. We typically use a classification system depending on the severity of hair loss to determine approximately how many hair grafts you'll need. We offer a free hair transplant consultation plan.

Is It Important?

Getting a hair transplant is more than just deciding to get one. You will have to do a bit of homework prior to going for an appointment. One has to briefly examine himself before hitting the nearest clinic to get the initial idea of the budget that he will have to pay. At Revival Health Group - we offer extremely affordable prices compared to UK and European clinics.

How We Calculate

Surgeons charge you depending on the number of grafts you get restored. Now, what are grafts? How many grafts is a human head divided into? How many individual hair strands are transplanted in a single graft. How to calculate the amount of grafts you require to be restored? This article covers all the given topics in brief.

Male, Female?

How Hair Loss Affects Different Genders

The above-given pattern indicates the hair fall in men only whereas in females the case is different. Androgenic alopecia gets in action in men from the age of 25 and plus. By the age of 35, the balding spots become clear and problematic for the looks of a person and the rate accelerates with age.

With females, on the other hand, God has been kind. Female pattern baldness gets in action after the age of 50 and by the age of 80 clear balding spots can be seen among different hair strands. They do not have a specific pattern and hair starts to fall from all parts of the head. They get surgeries only to retain and restore thinning and the receding hairline.

That is why hair transplant surgeons get to deal with males clients more as compared to females.

First of all, hair transplant surgery is for neither of the genders if you are too young. One should give time to the genes to act properly. If you get the surgery done right on the onset of baldness, chances are that in the future hairs will start to shed from the sections behind I.e., 4 to 7. So you will have to go through the blades more than once. At least let the first three zones get cleared up properly then you are eligible for a transplant. By this time the other zones will start to show the signs of baldness a bit too. If you get the surgery done right in the start the hair growth will look artificial and beyond abnormal.

Why Does It Matter?

Importance of Determining Hair Grafts

Hair Transplant surgery is generally costlier among other important surgeries. Though it is not critical to have a hair transplant surgery it is simply to get back the youthful looks yet it is on a pricier side as compared to others. So charges of this surgery are the main thing of concern.

Hair transplant graft calculators tell you about the required grafts. You can then calculate the overall expense. Different surgeons charge differently for a single graft. Also, the charges of hair transplant surgery vary from country to country. This will assist you in doing your research to finalize the country you want your surgery to be done from and the particular surgeon you want to get it performed from. Generally, Turkey is considered to be the cheapest in terms of hair transplant surgeries. People from all over the world tend to go there on a medical trip which costs them way less than what they have to pay for the same surgery in their country.

Though helpful one should not completely rely on the online graft calculators they will give you an idea but not the exact amount. Your surgeon will thoroughly guide you with the required number. It might be a little less or more than what was shown on the calculator.


The Results?

A person spends so much of his revenues on this surgery expecting hundred and ten percent results. Which it does show but it takes around 3 to 6 months for follicles to start showing growth. Some parts of the human head take a bit longer and might take a year to finally show noticeable growth.

Moreover, the density and thickness of the hair depend from person to person. The growth of hair at the donor area also affects the type of hair growth at the transplanted area.

Revival Health Group is a clinic that entertains all types of hair transplant procedures. You can get your hair restored with 100% natural growth ensured within just a few months. The clinic is equipped with all modern-day devices to make your experience as promising as it can.

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