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Pre-Operation Hair Transplant



Hair loss can be a daily sturggle for many. A hair transplant is the only option for those who desire to restore their hair naturally and rapidly. This article will answer some of your questions and quieries regarding the days and weeks leading up to the procedure.

Why Hair Transplant?

Hair can strongly affect a person's charismatic personality. We understand how sad and depressed one feels at times when everything they wear can not make them look as charming as they used to be with nicely trimmed and combed hairs. Hair can indeed make or break the look of your entire outfit. Thick luscious locks make you the center of attention, especially in the case of men. This is the prime reason why people prefer to get hair transplants right on the onset.

Our Guidance

Hair Transplants are becoming extremely popular are the solution for hair loss, however, there is a still a lot of confusion surroding the procedure and what it entails. Continue reading to learn more about our guidance before the hair transplant turkey procedure.

We Are Leaders In Hair Transplantation

Choosing The Right Clinic (Required Grafts)

Hair Loss and thinning are mainly genetic and are meant to happen to every male or female at some part in their lives. Most men start facing this prevailing issue in the mid-thirties, and the majority of females face it during their mid-fifties. The most effective and widely known solution to this problem is a hair transplant turkey. Hair transplants not only make you look your natural young self but also boost your confidence and enhances your self-esteem.

When opting for a hair transplant – it is absolutely essential that you’re in the hands of experienced surgeons and accredited clinics. Here at Revival Health Group – we’re proud to say that we’ve had hundreds of successful transplants that have left patients with a new lease of life. 

When choosing to go with our clinic – you’ll have peace of mind knowing our success rate is over 99% and your hair transplant has a lifetime warranty.  We only use experienced surgeons to ensure that your results are nothing less than what you expect.

Another essential thing to know before going for a hair transplant is the cost and range of the procedures. Some procedures might last you a lifetime, whereas others can stay effective for a certain period. In most cases, it is permanent, and you can treat those hairs equally as you treat your naturally growing hairs. Ask your surgeon all such queries before finally making up your mind about a specific hair transplant procedure.

Turkey is famous for low-cost yet effective hair transplants. We offer hair transplant packages starting from £1350.  Our all-inclusive packages ensure that you don’t have to worry about booking transfers, hotels, and PCR tests. We have absolutely everything covered for you.  We’re here 24/7 to fully support you through the process. 

The Proper Guidance

Hair Transplant Turkey Pre-Op Instrutions

Here are some of the things you need to be aware of before your hair transplant procedure.  

  • Avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Do not take blood-thinning medicines before the surgery.
  • Shower and shampoo your hair and scalp.
  • Eat non-greasy foods.
  • Do not smoke 24 hours before surgery.
  • Take multivitamins.
  • Drink plenty of water on the day of surgery.
  • Get adequate sleep before coming to the clinic.
  • Do not exercise on the day of operation.
  • Go to the clinic with a baseball hat.
Why Does It Matter?

Myths Regarding Hair Transplant Turkey

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths that are associated with the hair transplant procedure. One should get to know the truth and reality behind some of these myths before the transplant. It is unfortunate as some of these lies and myths regarding hair transplants deter people from getting the procedure done. We are here to bust these myths and helping you take the next step towards getting your hair and confidence back.

  • Transplanted hair looks unnatural

It is a big ‘NO.’ Transplanted hairs look completely natural because simply speaking, they are your own hairs. Nobody can suspect anything odd or tell you that these hairs look weird or transplanted, etc.

  • Hair transplant surgery is very painful

Now that is a clear-cut myth. Hair transplant surgeries do not harm you in any way. Modern techniques like FUE and DHI are super easy to do without making any scars and deep cuts; neither is any sewing required after the surgery. Moreover, your scalp is numbed before the surgery, and you feel little to no pain after the numbness goes off.

  • You will get Immediate results

This procedure takes its time to show results. You will get the hair transplanted in several sessions of 4 to 6 hours. Other than that, typically, human hair takes around three months to grow an inch or two, and so is the case with transplanted hair. So it will take at least a year to show significant results.

  • Only men can get hair transplants

This is false.  We offer hair transplants for female patients and have already carried out a number of successful procedures. Hair loss affects both men and women and we’re proud to offer a solution to women suffering from hair loss.

  • Hair transplants are expensive

Turkey is the hair transplant capital of the world. Not only can it not be beaten on price, but the expertise and quality of the surgeons here are first-class.  A hair transplant in turkey is a fraction of the cost compared to other parts of the globe. Our all-inclusive hair transplant turkey packages start from £1350.

  • Results are temporary 

This is another myth that has been taunted around. Hair transplants are permanent due to the fact that the hair implanted into your scalp is the hair extracted from the donor area (back and side of the head). These hair follicles do not contain the alopecia gene which causes hair loss and fall.

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