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Beard Transplant Turkey


Beard Transplant?

Beard Transplants are identical to Hair Transplants, however the location in which the hair foliculares are transplanted are different, of course. Thick, bushy beards have become trendy and with that, greater numbers of men are desiring to flaunt a look that has become fashionable. Unfortunately, a large number of men aren't able to grow the beard they desire.

Why Transplant?

Instead of reaching for hair-growth shampoos, hair dyes and other questionable treatments - you can easily experience rapid beard growth by means of a beard transplant here in Turkey. Here at Revival Health Group, we are able to give you the beard of your dreams. You'll be in the hands of accredited surgeons and world-class clinics.

How Does It Work?

A Beard Transplant works in the same fashion as an FUE or DHI hair transplant. Simply speaking, a surgeon will extract hairs from your donor area and implant them into your skin after making micro-incisions. These follicles will then start to show growth after 4-5 months.

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Beard Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplants have become extremely popular in the past decade. With the rising trend of bushy beards, it looks like men are opting to get turkey beard transplants to help them achieve that thick, full look that can be hard to obtain for a lot of men.  The advancements of FUE and DHI methods have enabled surgeons to transplant hair follicles in a way that is more precise and accurate compared to the past.

Patchy and uneven beards can hamper a man’s confidence and we take pride in being able to offer beard transplants here at our world-class clinic. Lack of facial hair is mainly due to genetics and it isn’t as simple as just forgoing the razor. Studies have shown that around half of men have been unhappy with their facial hair shape and patchiness, particularly in the beard and sideburn area.

A goatee usually requires between 1300-1600 grafts, however, a full beard typically requires around 3000 grafts. A beard transplant has the power to fill in the bald or patchy gaps on the face.  Much like FUE and DHI hair transplants turkey, the procedure is fairly painless and recovery is rapid. 

If you didn’t know, celebrities such as Geoge Clooney, Ben Affleck, Zac Efron, and Tom Hardy have all had beard transplants. Simply put, the desire and want to have a face full of facial hair has grown dramatically. A beard can be a sign of masculinity and wisdom. It was also a sign of status and power in ancient cultures.

Am I Suitable?

Am I A Good Candidate For Beard Transplant Turkey?

Most men are good candidates for a beard transplant.  As long as the hairs on your scalp are healthy, you should be able to receive a beard transplant.  Thanks to our affordable prices and professional surgeons here at Revival Health Group – We’re able to provide you with a face full of hair in no time.  Many of our patients have been happy with their results.

In the same manner as FUE and DHI hair transplantations, identical surgical methods are utilized during beard restoration. Thus, as long as you have healthy donor hair (usually back and side) of your head – which matches the color of your facial hair, you are more than likely to be suitable for beard transplantation in regards to surgical needs.

Is your beard patchy or difficult to grow out due to genetics or previous scarring? Revival Health Group in Turkey can resolve your daily hair struggle issues.  Beard transplants restore hair naturally to areas of the face where hair is lacking, such as sideburns or mustache. We have years of experience in people reviving their hair – and their self-esteem! For a free consultation and expert treatment plan from the surgeon to know if you’re a viable candidate for this procedure, please contact us using the form below or at +44 7565 674730 via the WhatsApp platform.

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Why Should I Come?

Why Turkey For Your Beard Transplant?


Not many people know this, but Turkey is the capital of cosmetic and hair transplantation surgery. A hair transplant in Turkey is a fraction of the cost of what you’d find back home in the United Kingdom or Europe.  The standards and professionalism of the surgeons and clinics here are second-to-none.  Located between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a perfect location with great accessibility and transport hubs.  It boasts the busiest airport in Europe. People from all over the globe, from Saudi Arabia to the USA come here for their hair transplant procedures. 

Istanbul as a capital with nearly 20 million people can be crowded and bustling at times, but on the other hand, you’re able to witness some of the greatest architectural designs known to man such as the Hagia Sofia and Dolhambache Palace.  The shopping in Istanbul is probably the best in the world boasting high-quality textiles and rock-bottom prices.  We recommend 8-10 days to discover Turkey and leaving your turkey hair transplant procedure to the end of your trip.

We also have clinics located in Antalya, the gem of the Mediterranean sea. You are able to come here and relax a few days prior to your hair transplant procedure.  You truly the best of both worlds when you come to Turkey for your hair transplant – professionalism and affordability.  The medical tourism sector here continues to grow and we’re extremely proud to be a part of it.  Our main ethos here at Revival Health Group is privacy, transparency, and providing great results. 

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