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Body Hair Transplant Turkey

body hair transplant turkey

Body Hair Transplant?

Typically a manly trait and highly associated with masculinity - body hair can be strongly linked to ones identity and persona. Through stress, illness or genetic reasons - some people may struggle to grow the body hair that they would like. Here at Revival Health Group - we're proud to be able to offer a variety of body and hair transplant procedures at a fraction of the price compared to Europe.

Why Transplant?

Instead of opting for hair-growth shampoos, dubious lotions and dyeing - why not get a hair transplant? It is the most effective and natural way to restore your hair. With our affordable prices and expert surgeons - you can soon be on your way to having the chest hair you've always dreamt of. A body hair transplant in Turkey makes sense. Advancements in technology means quick recovery time and pain-free surgery. Get in touch now!

How It Works

You may be wondering if a body hair transplant is even possible? The answer is yes! A body hair transplant uses either the FUE or DHI method to extract hair follicles and implant them into the recipient area (the area where the patient wishes hair to grow back naturally). Since the hair follicles that are being implanted don't have the alopecia gene - they are not going to fall out. You can soon be on your way to having permanent hair growth.

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Body Hair Transplant Turkey

As the name shows, a body hair transplant is the transplant of hair on the balding area of the head from any part of the body. When a person goes through androgenic alopecia, which is also known as male/ female pattern baldness, the hair falls in a certain manner, I.e., ‘m’ like shape from the forehead and later from the center of the head. In most patients, hair does not fall from the sides or back of the head and the neck area and is thus utilized for transplantation. This technique is called FUE. Whereas in some patients, they fall from the back and the sides as well. Then for restoration, follicles from the body are used. Mainly, chest hair follicles are extracted for this purpose.

The primary reasons for body hair transplant could be;

  • Sometimes hair at the back of the head, also known as the donor area in hair transplantation procedures, is too thin to be used for a successful restoration. If they are used anyways, the results will look unnatural, and overall; the surgery would be a failure.
  • To cover the scars made from previous hair transplant surgery procedures like FUT.
  • Or when the grafts from the back of the head are already utilized in the surgeries before and are not left anymore.

Hair technicians generally avoid using hairs from another part of the body other than the head. That is because they have to do more work and put in more effort to get to know about the hair life on each person’s body because a healthy hair follicle is to be transplanted out of them. Similarly, the skin on the scalp is thin as compared to the body dermis, which makes the process crucial yet tacky for the surgeons to extract grafts. Chest hairs have the most density, show the highest yield after transplant, and keep growing for a prolonged period. Somebody who has a portfolio of successful surgeries can only take out body hair grafts properly.

body hair transplant turkey
Hair Loss

Why Does Body Hair Loss Occur?

Hair loss occurs for a number of reasons. Studies have shown that hair loss is related to lifestyle choices, genetics, stress, and other factors. If you drink and smoke to excess, you may find that not only are you aging quicker, but you’re damaging your sensitive hair follicles that need healthy vitamins and nutrients to grow healthily. A body hair transplant in turkey is the quickest and easiest solution to hair loss.  The procedure time is short, prices are affordable and the results are natural. 

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What To Expect?

Benefits of Body Hair Transplant Turkey

If you’re skeptical about how a transplant works and its results – just have a look at some of the before and after photos in our gallery. We’ve helped both men and women restore their confidence by providing them with the hair of their dreams.  Some people suffer from daily hair-loss anxiety and turn to dangerous products and methods to try and restore their hair.  Simply speaking, a hair transplant could give you the confidence you need to get back on the dating scene and live life to the fullest. At Revival Health Group, we’re extremely proud to be able to offer hair and body hair transplants that give men and women a new lease on life. 

A hair transplant is superior to other methods for the following reasons:

  • Fast recovery time
  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • Natural results
  • No scarring
  • Rapid results

Don’t hesitate to get in touch by leaving your contact details in the form below – we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with your free treatment plan and expert consultation.  Your package includes hotels, transfers, medication, the procedure, and much more. We have everything covered for you.

body hair transplant turkey

Body Hair Transplant Turkey Packages

Generally, the body hair transplant costs you more than standard FUE transplants. That is because more grafts are to be restored on the head. But you can get the same procedure in an amount a lot less than what you are being charged in your area. Turkey is famous for hair transplant surgeons and their surgery success rates. Due to high competition, surgeons charge you fewer charges for high-profile surgeries. Body Hair Transplant Turkey is a one-stop solution for all your hair fall-related problems. It is a super cheap yet perfect clinic where a team of renowned surgeons performs their duty dedicatedly for your benefit. So get in touch with them right away and get your appointments lined up.

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