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Moustache Hair Transplant

Moustache Hair Transplant

Moustache Transplant?

More and more men are seeking to flaunt a moustache and bushy beard. The mustache has always been considered a symbol of manliness and virality. Centuries ago, it was related to class, wisdom and authority. This has extended to the present day since the mustache continues to be a sign of identity in men for reasons of masculinity, status, fashion or religion, among other reasons.

Why Transplant?

The most effective solution to hair loss is a transplant procedure. With advancements in techniques and technology, you're able to naturally and rapidly restore your hair without the need for drugs, wigs or simulation. Here at Revival Health Group - we're extremely proud to be able to help men and women revive their hair and confidence. Get in touch today!

How It Works

A transplant is a fairly straightforward procedure. In basic terms, your surgeon will extract healthy hairs from the back and side of your head. Next, they will make micro incisions into your scalp (or mustache in this case) and then implant the hairs. See our detailed guides on how a hair transplant works here.

In More Detail

Moustache Hair Transplant Turkey

The mustache can change the appearance of a man. There are many men who suffer from stress or worry due to a lack of facial hair. The absence of a perfect mustache can affect a man’s perspective of himself.

At Revival Health Group here in Turkey, we have methods to solve facial hair problems. We offer the mustache transplant, in addition to other treatments such as beard transplantation for those who fight against the imperfect beard as well as the imperfect mustache. This is the best remedy for men who are not satisfied with the shape or amount of hair in the upper lip area.

There are different reasons why a man can have this problem

Genetic cause: the mustache usually appears during adolescence. Sometimes due to maternal or paternal inheritance, there is a scarcity or absence of hair follicles in the mustache area.

Caused by injuries or diseases: some injuries or burns, as well as skin problems or diseases such as alopecia areata, can cause these types of problems.

We know it can be frustrating when you have tried methods and treatments that have not been effective, such as the myth that blades or razors help hair growth and thickness. That is why we want to offer you the permanent and most effective solution for mustache problems. Our company has experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. 

If you have an irregular and sparse mustache and want to increase hair thickness and density, we’re able to offer the solution.

We will be able to assess your eligibility in a personalized way. We will evaluate your hair loss issues, and develop a special plan for you based on the desired mustache style and shape. In addition to this, we’ll also consider your age, medical history, and budget. We will contact you in less than 24 hours with the information.

Moustache Hair Transplant
What To Expect?

Benefits of Moustache Hair Transplant Turkey

There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to getting a beard or facial hair transplant. Facial hair is a sign of masculinity and in our modern era, has become a fashion trend that many celebrities such as David Beckham and Calum Best have been seen sporting.  When you are not able to properly grow a beard or mustache, it can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Here is a list of possible benefits you can expect to find after having a beard or facial hair transplant turkey:

  • Permanent and natural results
  • Non-invasive surgical treatment
  • Restore your confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your dating options
  • Requires only local anesthetic
  • Minimal pain
  • Transplanted hairs appear as normal hair due to the fact they are your own hair.
  • Can help cover and disguise scarring

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Post-Op Guidance

Moustache Hair Transplant Turkey Procedure

The first step is to find out if you are suitable for a mustache transplant. 

At Revival Hair Transplant Turkey we prefer to carry out the mustache transplant by using either the FUE or DHI technique since the old FUT technique does not give such satisfactory results. In addition to this, our modern transplant techniques provide a much faster recovery time and are less invasive than the FUT Turkey procedure. The advancements in hair transplant technology have enabled both men and women to get the hair of their dreams without using questionable treatments or drugs. 

For any type of hair transplant, local anesthesia will be used, therefore with this procedure, you will not feel pain.

It is very important the previous preparation for this transplant since complications can occur if adequate precautions are not followed. Before the intervention, it should be carefully studied which technique is the most appropriate and the number of follicles that will be transplanted to achieve a successful and desired result.

The mustache hair transplant procedure typically will last 2-3 hours, depending on the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted. 

With this technique, the most suitable hair follicles are chosen from the donor area, they are collected by the FUE method, the roots are cleaned through a special procedure, the channels are opened in the recipient area and they are implanted.

The total recovery period will be about 10 days and the area will be bandaged for 3 days

The hair follicles will go into ‘shock’, which is totally normal after a mustache transplant. This means that the implanted hairs will fall out and then be born strong and healthy.

After about 4-5 months, you will get very noticeable results.

The aftercare procedure guidance

The post-operative hair transplant procedure care is fairly straightforward:

  • Do not wear tight clothing that can rub the area when putting it on or taking it off.
  • Do not smoke for a few days after the intervention.
  • Do not eat heavy meals.
  • Do not pick or touch the scabs, as the skin will be sensitive after the intervention.
  • Avoid moving your lip so as not to hurt yourself.
  • Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
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We guarantee a level of care of excellent quality, as well as excellent results like the ones you are looking for. You can contact us via email or WhatsApp using the details below. Alternatively, leave your contact details in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with your hair transplant consultation and cost.

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