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Sideburn Restoration


Sideburn Restoration?

Much like thick and dense beards - men also which to have sideburns that are symmetrical and even. Due to genetics and other factors, a large number of men are unable to grow full beards and thick sideburns. We offer a procedure known as 'sideburn restoration' which works in the same manner to beard transplants.

Why Hair Transplants?

Our surgeons will use a technique known as FUE to implant healthy hair follicles into your sideburns. A hair transplant truly is the most effective and natural way to restore hair permanently and safely. Sideburn restoration is suitable for men suffering from uneven hair growth, scarring, or those simply seeking a more aesthetic and symmetrical look.

How It Works

The treatment will be performed by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or DHI method. Simply speaking, hair follicles are extracted individually from the patient's donor area (usually back and side of the head). The healthy hairs and then implanted into your sideburns (or area which is spare and lacking in hair density). Finally, you can expect to see natural hair growth after 3-4 months.

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Sideburn Hair Restoration Turkey

With a growing number of men and women each year suffering from genetic and stress-related hair loss, people are seeking to restore their hair naturally and permanently without the need for tattooing or dubious hair products. 

Advancements in hair transplant technology and increasing affordability in procedures have led to a huge growth in hair transplant procedures across the globe, particularly in Turkey.

Our clinics in Istanbul and Antalya typically utilize the FUE or DHI method during a hair transplant procedure.  There are a variety of reasons but the main ones are increased recovery time, minimal invasion and pain, and more natural-looking results. 

Here at Revival Health Group – we’re able to offer you affordable hair transplant packages that will boost your beard growth, improve your hair density and restore your sideburns to your desire.  

If you wish to take action and find out more about the sideburn restoration or beard transplant process, don’t hesitate to leave your contact details on the form below. Alternatively, you can call us via WhatsApp at +44 7565 674730

The Procedure

What Happens During Sideburn Restoration Turkey

Your procedure will take place in one of our world-class clinics in either Istanbul or Antalya.  Firstly, we will determine how many hair grafts you’ll potentially need to restore your sideburns or beard.  On average, a patient will need around 3500 grafts but in more severe cases, around 5000 grafts can be implanted. 

During the procedure, the surgeon will carefully extract hair follicles from your donor area. Following this, they will make micro-incisions less than 1mm into your scalp or beard. Finally, the hair grafts will be implanted to create a denser and fuller look.   The procedure normally takes around 4-6 hours, however, you will be given a local anesthetic and painkillers to numb any possible pain or discomfort.

What To Expect?

Benefits of Sideburn Restoration Turkey

Many people do not believe that a hair or beard transplant can give them permanent or natural results. This was maybe true 10-15 years ago, however, the advancements in the FUE and DHI technique have provided patients with exceptional hair growth and rapid recovery.

If you’re suffering from daily hair loss anxiety and worried about your uneven or patchy beard – we’re here to help.  A sideburn restoration procedure will give you the dense and thick appearance that you’ve always dreamt of.   It simply is not possible for all men to grow a full beard due to genetic reasons.  We’re proud to be able to offer men this solution and give them a much-needed confidence boost. 

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Sideburn Restoration Procedure Package Turkey

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