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Unshaven Hair Transplant


Unshaven Transplant?

Unshaven Hair Transplants are becoming more popular due to the advancements in modern techniques such as DHI. Celebrities and women, in particular, don't want to go through the process of having their head shaved before the transplant. Thus, the unshaven procedure was born.

Why Unshaven?

If you wish to keep your hair and don't want to have it shaved off before the hair transplant procedure then the unshaven technique could be the right method for you. Here at Revival Health Group - we have experienced and professional surgeons that are well-equipped in carrying out this technique.

How It Works

Although this method has a variety of benefits compared to its counterparts - it does take more time and attention. Hair follicles are carefully chosen and extracted - later to be implanted in the scalp of the patient. The maximum grafts offered in one sitting is usually between 5000-5500.

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Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss can have a huge impact on self-esteem, no matter from what part of your body, whatever the reason, or if you are a man or a woman. 

We understand that is a difficult decision when you do not want anybody to realize you underwent the hair transplantation and you have a hair loss problem.  We know it is difficult for patients to see themselves with a shaved head or partially shaved. Our priority is to make our customers happy, that is why we provide an unshaved hair transplant in Turkey. 

We do not want to deprive anyone of having perfect hair and feeling good about themselves. That is why both our hair transplant clinics in Istanbul and our hair transplant clinics in Antalya offer this life-changing and confidence-boosting solution. 

Better known as U-FUE or Undetectable FUE, it is an advanced method that allows you to maintain your hair without shaving it. It is not a new methodology but is the result of the advancement of the FUE method, which has allowed it to be carried out without the need for shaving.

It is typically popular with women, celebrities, or those in the public eye due to the opportunity to keep your own hair.

The unshaven method is perfect for people who:

  • -People who do not require a large number of grafts (Norwood 2-3)
  • -Men who have 8-10 cm of hair in the donor area
  • -Women who desire to keep their hair during the procedure 
  • -People who wish to increase the density of the hair
  • -Top hair implant
  • -It is a perfect technique for eyebrow transplantation
  • -People who had hair transplantation previously and are looking for an additional procedure 

Those who need a high amount of grafts will not be suitable. Fundamentally, this type of hair transplant is applicable for people who have not lost a lot of hair or the loss of a particular area is not severe.

The Procedure

What Happens During The Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

It is a rather complicated method that requires knowledge and it needs to be done with accuracy and precision. Our specialists at Revival Health Group have the expertise, experience, and skill, which means you are in the safe hands of our surgeons. 

For unshaven hair transplantation to take place, quality natural hair follicular carefully selected from the donor area, where the hair is stranger and denser, will be extracted one by one. This is done with the help of a 1 mm diameter punch or forcep instrument. The extracted follicles are kept in an isotonic solution,lactate solution or platelet-rich plasma to keep them nourished and in optimal conditions for later ingestion. The extracted follicular units will be carefully cut for later transplantation. 

Once the donor area has healed a bit, implantation will be the next step. There are two different techniques for the unbed process:

-With the FUE method, razor blades or needles 1mm wide and 5-6mm long are used to open the channels in the bald area. Hair grafts are strategically placed in these small incisions one by one. 

-With the DHI method, the implants are performed with the help of a Choi pen or transplanter pen. Once the hair follicles are selected, they are placed or threaded in this famous implanter pen to be  inserted directly in the area with loss, without the need of opening channels in your scalp. In addition to this, this instrument facilitates its placement in terms of angle and direction. Therefore, the use of Choi pen results in a more precise and natural result since the distance between the grafts is smaller. This procedure will be faster and less harmful with the use of the implanter.

That is why at Revival Health Care in Turkey we prefer the DHI method for unshaven transplantation. However, we always adapt to the wishes of our clients, that is why we offer both methods, since the price can vary between these methods. 

In both cases, the result will be a hair transplant in which only the follicular units that have been implanted will be trimmed, while the rest of the hair maintains its normal length. For this reason, it is possible to cover, conceal and hide the donor area and the area where the engraft has been carried out with unshaven natural hair.

In this way, the transplanted hairs will grow in harmony with the rest of the hairs in a discreet way. With the passage of time and the growth of these, the perfect density that is desired will be obtained.

There is no difference in the healing process between shaved or unshaved hair transplantation. The only difference is that unshaven hair transplantation requires greater care and delicacy in postoperative washes.

Shock loss will take place between 15-25 days after the intervention, just like the shaving method. great changes in hair growth are seen between 3-6 months. Once the year is reached, hair growth will be as desired.

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Benefits of Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey


-This technique allows people to return to their normal and daily life immediately and join social life immediately, without anyone noticing it. 

-The scabs on the donor area can be hidden with the long hair.

-The Choi pen used in the DHI Unshaven technique is able to provide creator hair density due to the better hair implant precision and accuracy. It means that the success of the augmentation of the density is fairly assured with the use of implant pens. It is one of the main advantages of this technique.

-This method avoids the fear of women when having a hair transplant.

It is a rather complicated method that requires knowledge and accuracy. Our specialized surgeons are experienced and skilled in the practice. Therefore we ensure that the result reaches success.


-It is more difficult to work the area and therefore the operation will be longer since it is necessary to remove and work between the natural hair of the person, which makes it more difficult to see the area in which the hair transplant must be performed.

-It is more expensive because it is a procedure since it requires more time, more precision, and more knowledge for this intervention.

-Washing after the operation is quite difficult since the area is surrounded by long hair. Washing is very important as it allows the postoperative scab to deteriorate and heal.

-The area where the intervention has been performed will get dirty more quickly than if the area were shaved since the hair accumulates dirt, which makes healing difficult. This also depends on the area where the intervention was made, since it is not the same to do it in the middle part of your head, which is surrounded by hair, then in the area of ​​the recesses of your hair or the eyebrows, since these areas are on the outside of your hair.

-There is a maximum number of hair follicles that can be transplanted per session. It is 2000.


Various Methods Provided

Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey Methods

We can classify it into three different groups:

1. Partial shaven donor area and unshaven recipient area

This is the most common technique. The donor area has to have enough length hair (8-10cm). A small part of this area will be shaved (2×15 cm as a general rule). From this shaved area the hairs will be extracted to be inserted. The hair transplant will not be noticeable as the surrounding long hairs will cover the areas in which it has been intervened. 

With the FUE method this procedure will be very difficult, but it can be done with the DHI method. In this way, a maximum of 2000 hair follicles can be transplanted in one session.

2. Completely unshaven

It is a procedure that is not practiced much since it is quite intricate and long in time. In this case, no hair area will be shaved. Only 500-700 grafts can be made per session.

The hairs are extracted with special punching instruments, designed exclusively for this technique.

Although the ingested hair is of natural length, it will also experience loss between 15-45 days after the operation.

3. Completely shaved donor area and unshaved recipient area

The donor area is completely shaved when a high number of grafts is needed. In this way, about 4000-5000 can be carried out, as in shaved hair transplantation. with this method, a high percentage of density will be achieved.

The DHI method is more suitable for this type since with the opening of the channels the long hairs in the receiving area can be damaged. 

If you are interested in getting an unshaven hair transplant, do not hesitate to contact us. At Revival Health Group we will answer all your questions and offer you a free treatment plan in less than 24 hours. Contact us by leaving your contact details below, or alternatively, you can message us via Whatsapp, or email:

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